Rescue at Rivenroar 1.1 – Barfight!


The PCs start in the Antler and Thistle tavern in the town of Brindol in the Elsir Vale. Each PC should have a short background explaining why they happened in this tavern that fateful night on the 40th anniversary of the battle with the Red Hand of Doom. The general atmosphere of the town is typical summer celebration: overindulgence of eating, drinking and minor troublemaking.

Music: Bier Fest Polka – Pink Panther Strikes Again – Henry Mancini

Inside, the players meet the Freeriders, a group of famous NPC adventurers. They are a legend in the local community, have wiped out a nest of kobolds, killed a black dragon and even had an adventure into the Shadowfell. They are friendly and amiable to the local folk and to any up-and-coming adventurers, offering words of advice. An 8 year old boy named Thurann is excitedly asking them questions about their exploits and telling them how tough his dad is, etc.

A man identified as Eoffram Troyas pulls Megan to the side and tries to have a private conversation but she is apparently not interested in the proposal. The elf ranger watches with interest, never taking his eyes off of them. In short order, Megan comes back to their table and indicates that it’s time to go. While they are gathering their equipment, Thurann begs them to stay, to take him with them, etc until his dad, Kartenix, the captain of the guard comes in and scolds him.

Music: The Slayers Attack – Krull – James Horner – 0:00 – 230

The Freeriders are friendly to everyone as they are leaving, including Kartenix who doesn’t seem to appreciate them as much as everyone else. If asked, they indicate that they are heading to Overlook to investigate some orc trouble brewing there. Troyas, following them out the door is overheard saying that Overlook deals with orc uprisings every few years and it’s always handled by their guard without any real problem. He says that they have real issues right here to deal with; Kartenix seems very offended but says nothing.

The [Freeriders]], escorted by Kartenix and Thurann head out the door towards the west gate. With the celebrity gone, the local folk turn to the PC adventurers and ask them all sorts of questions, how well do you know the Freeriders, tell us stories of your adventures, where do you come from, etc. Troyas asks a PC to discuss their local problems and to get an idea how experienced they are and how much they would charge.

  • Elsir Consortium Caravan from Overlook is late. Usually 1 week of travel each way, its been 19 days since they last left Brindol.
  • Small cache of military grade weapons with Black Arrow stamping found outside the city gate to the north-east. A note to Sinruth, unreadable.
  • Farm animals outside of town disappearing.

Bar Fight!

The gentle hubbub of an evening at the Antler and Thistle
tavern is shattered by the crack of the front door flying off
its hinges to land amid the nearest tables. Four hobgoblins
rush into the bar, swords outstretched to skewer the nearest
bar patrons. “For Sinruth! For the Hand!” they cry.

Music: The Slayers Attack – Krull – James Horner – 2:30

Troyas is immediately knocked unconsious.

Goblins start stabbing anyone in the immediate doorway but will focus on the PCs when they become a threat. Blackblades throw torches into liquor cabinet behind the bar while grunts harrass the patrons, killing, maiming and dragging out into the streets. General party noises from outside have been replaced by screaming and yelling.

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