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Rescue at Rivenroar 1.2 – Brindol’s Demise

Ogre Bombadier

When the hobgoblins have been defeated, the surviving bar patrons organize a bucket brigade from a nearby well to quell the fire. A clearly wounded city watch patrol arrives as the bucket brigade douses the last flames, and they quickly try to learn what’s happening from anyone who speaks to them (probably the PCs). They ask if anyone has seen Captain Kartenix. This conversation gives the PCs enough time to have a short rest before the next encounter.

As you’ve been talking to the guards, you’ve been hearing
shouts in the distance. But now those shouts are a lot closer,
and a throng of townsfolk comes running around the street
corner to the north.
They’re fleeing a curious sight: a full-grown ogre pulling
a wagon by a yoke around its waist. The ogre holds a cask
in one hand and a massive club in the other. Riding atop the
wagon are two hobgoblins with bows.

Music: Battle of the Parapets – Krull – James Horner

A crowd gathers after the PCs defeat the ogre, and more guards arrive a few minutes later. They immediately ask for the PCs’ help defending the bridge. But by the time the PCs reach the bridge, Sinruth’s band has already retreated. The residents of Brindol spend the rest of the night putting out the fires that the goblins set, tending to the wounded, and keeping a nervous watch from the ramparts. The next morning, the full extent of Sinruth’s attack is known, including the captives taken and the treasures stolen from the Hall of Great Valor. At that point, the PCs receive the job offer from the Brindol town council. They can either try to track the goblins through the wilderness, or they can first try interrogating a captured hobgoblin currently held in the town stockades.

Music: Civilizations Brought By Sea – Apocalypto – James Horner

Exploring the Wilderness

Music: The New World – The New World – James Horner

Arrival at Rivenroar

Music: Introduction/Main Titles – Sleepy Hollow – Danny Elfman

Dungeon Crawl

Music: Sleepy Hallow (full album) – Danny Elfman

RaR 1-2

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